Lina Marie Alfonso

Leana Maria Alfonso Portrait2013, Associate of Science, Chemistry, CCM
2015, Bachelor of Arts, Biology with a Minor in Public Health, Rutgers
2020, Master of Health Administration, Rutgers
Clinical Information Manager, Envision
Administrative Fellow at Columbia University Irving Medical Center

“I was originally accepted at Rutgers, but my father and I reviewed the expenses and decided that for all the education required for medical school, it would be better to start out at CCM, which has a great academic reputation.”

Michael Bukwich PortraitMichael Bukwich

2011, Associate of Science, Science and Mathematics, CCM
2013, Bachelor of Science, Neural Science, New York University
Ph.D. Candidate, Neuroscience, Harvard University

“The only reason I got into NYU was because I did well at CCM. Had I tried to apply there on my high school record, I never would have been accepted.”

David Davis

David Davis Portrait2015, Associate of Science, Engineering Science, CCM
2017, Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering, Rutgers
2020, Master of Engineering, Johns Hopkins Whiting School of Engineering
Design Engineer, ASML

“CCM professors take time to work with students individually to ensure they understand the material. I really missed not having that close connection to my professors at the other schools I attended.”

Jon Farrell PortraitJon Farrell

2011, Associate of Fine Arts, Visual Arts, CCM
2014, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Ceramics, Sculpture and Crafts, Temple University, Tyler School of Art
Artist, Sculptor, Ceramist, Facilities Manager, Technician

“The methods of crafting my work and its current trajectory are both highly informed by what I learned at CCM. I came away from CCM not only with knowledge, but physical tools I made there that I continue to use in my work.”

Peter Motzenbecker

Young man in suit and red tie2017, Associate in Science, Engineering Science, CCM
2019, Bachelor of Science, Rutgers University
Lockheed Martin

“This position will allow me to use the modeling and design skills I learned at CCM and Rutgers,” he says. “It’s not just maintenance on existing technology; there’s potential for design. Lockheed Martin performs an important service for the safety of our country and I like that I’m now a part of that.”

Trevor Thompson

Trevor Thompson2016, Associate of Science, Business Administration, CCM
2018, Bachelor of Arts, Political Science, Columbia University
Class of 2022, Doctor of Law, Cornell Law School

“Community college is such an excellent opportunity. I am so grateful I started at CCM.”


Kristine Westenberger

Kristine Westenberger Portrait1988, Associate of Applied Science, Mechanical Engineering Technology, CCM
1990, Bachelor of Science. Mechanical Engineering, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
2019, Master of Science Engineering Management, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Manager, Case and Tray Development, Stryker

“I have told students and parents alike, look at CCM because it’s an exceptional school. It was a great experience for me. I definitely feel like I was well equipped when I went down to UNC.”