Success does not happen in one meeting or in one month, but over a period of time. The clients of The Women’s Center achieve their success through their own perseverance and by working closely with their career and/or job placement counselor. We know that each client is unique, and the meaning of success is different for each person and their family. However, The Women’s Center is here to help and support clients through each stage of their development toward self-sufficiency.


‘Moving to NJ to be nearer my family in the wake of divorce and serious cancer treatment left me without valuable support systems I’d begun to establish in VA.  At a very low point in trying to get re-established, I discovered The Women’s Center at CCM, and I’ll never forget walking out of my first meeting there with tears of relief and hope in my eyes.  The net effect of my counselor’s insightful inquiry, career counseling, networking guidance, and concrete suggestions for jump-starting my new life was priceless, launching me into a series of classes sponsored by the Center which lead eventually to productive, self-sustaining employment.  But perhaps more valuable than that concrete benefit was the intangible benefit I received of renewed confidence and hope via my counselor’s sincere interest in me and belief in my ability to regain my strong personal center as I built this new life.  Together, those tangible and intangible benefits made a significant, truly immeasurable difference in my life.’    – Jane


‘When I came to the Women’s Center after the violent end to a 25 year abusive marriage, I was timid and shaken. My confidence was shattered and I had no idea where to begin to rebuild my life. I had been an at-home support to my husband’s career and had been raising five children. I didn’t know what else I could do. I found supportive guidance at the Women’s Center. Testing showed me where my strengths lay and what I might do with those strengths. I was led to assess the inner resources I already possessed that I might build upon, and I selected a few courses that would enhance my background. The Self-Esteem Workshop carefully helped to retrieve my confidence and to show me how self-reliant I was already becoming. It also offered practical steps to shore up time management and financial management skills, self-advocacy communications, and goal setting. This was invaluable. I gained strength and received encouragement as well as preparation from the resources available at the Center. The annual “Back on Track” celebration is a true testimony to the hope and to the new paths that The Women’s Center has helped to open before so many of us, and I am deeply grateful.’     – Barbara