Kathy Naasz PortraitWelcome to the School of Business, Mathematics, Engineering and Technologies where the study of mathematics, physics, engineering, management and computing come together with real-world problem solving in programs of study leading to an associate in science or associate in applied science degree. Our school is committed to excellence and relevance in our curriculum. We offer programs that prepare you with the skills and knowledge to excel in 21st century business and technology environments. Whether you are planning to pursue a baccalaureate degree after earning your associate degree, enter the workforce, or enhance your workplace skills, we have a curriculum appropriate to your goals.

Our school offers 17 degree programs spanning a breadth of areas including Business Administration, Hospitality Management and Culinary Arts, Electronics Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Information Technology, Game Development, Computer Science, Digital Media Technology, Mathematics and Criminal Justice. We also offer certificates comprised of three, four or five courses that are designed to enhance your workplace skills and improve your competitiveness in the employment market. The certificates cover areas as diverse as Finance, Small Business Management, Web Development, Information Security, and Computer-Aided Drafting. There are more than 15 certificates delivered by departments within the school, so take the time to see how we can meet your needs and keep in mind that in many cases our certificate courses will also apply to a degree program.

The School of Business, Mathematics, Engineering and Technologies prides itself on its ability to meet the needs of our learners with dynamic, challenging, high quality academic programs, a dedicated faculty, and impressive facilities. We strive for the most current equipment and software in our labs and continually search for new ways to enhance our learning environment. We provide flexible learning formats including online, hybrid and fast-track formats; you will also find both day and evening classes. I encourage you to review the many educational options and fields of study that we offer. If you want to learn more, please contact us or come visit our beautiful campus.


Dr. Kathy Naasz
Dean of the School of Business, Mathematics, Engineering and Technologies