Computer-Aided Drafting Technology, Academic Program Certificate

All manufacturing industry, research and development organizations, and design divisions of major corporations use drafters in the preparation of various stages of formal drawings. Typically companies that hire engineers, architects or designers have a need for people skilled in drafting.

This program is designed to prepare a person for an entry-level position as a junior drafter, drafter trainee, or drafter using computer-aided drafting (CAD). The supportive technical course work in manufacturing, materials, science, mathematics and writing will aid students in continuing to advance their careers and assist in strengthening the background of those desiring to continue their education.

Normally, students will complete 29 hours of credit course work and 3 hours of non-credit mathematics to earn the certificate. However, students with strong backgrounds in mathematics may elect to take a credit course, MAT 110, in place of the non-credit MAT 014 course with the approval of their academic advisors. Depending on the courses taken, students who successfully complete this program may receive one semester or more of credit toward a Mechanical Engineering Technology degree.