Digital Media Technology, Associate in Applied Science
A Computer Information Systems Option


The Digital Media Technologies Degree program prepares students to design, develop, manage, test, and implement digital and interactive media using current and emerging computer technologies that adhere to industry standards.  Students will create computer-generated works (End Products), including Websites, Web-based media, mobile applications, multimedia applications, social media applications.  video games, animation, special effects, and audio for films, and other related media across multiple delivery platforms.  The curriculum covers the theories, technologies, techniques, and best practices that govern the effective design and development of interactive, immersive, and engaging digital media.


The major prepares students to work in areas such as web design, web programming, computer software companies, motion graphics, multimedia, animation, video gaming, social media, motion picture and video industries.


Job titles:
Web Developer
Web Programmer
Game Designer
Game Developer
Mobile App Designer
Mobile App Developer
Social Media Engineer
Sound Producer
Digital Illustrator
Graphic Designer
Animation Engineer
Presentation Designer
Presentation Developer