What You Will Learn

Data is continuously being amassed about all aspects of our lives, and industries of all kinds are using it to better understand our world and help solve its important problems. From public health to entertainment, agriculture to travel, banking to cyber security, data is collected, analyzed and used to make predictions and decisions that effect our every-day life. Study data analytics and an exciting and bountiful array of high-paying job opportunities await. And help shape the world of your future.

Why Study at CCM?

Early on, CCM recognized the importance of offering curriculum in this dynamic field of data analytics and we are thrilled to be the first community college in New Jersey to offer a credited certificate program. Our collaborative, team-based learning environment allows you to work with others to analyze real-world data to solve problems or answer questions.

Career Opportunities

According to Glassdoor, data analysts are one of the most highly in-demand and sought after careers worldwide. The average salary in the New York City area is $93,460 per year with an estimated total pay over $110K.