What You Will Learn

Mathematics is a powerful tool with many applications. Those with strong math skills are in demand. Advanced mathematical training can lead to many career opportunities including business, finance, medicine, technology, engineering, and basic sciences.

Why Study at CCM?

Our students interact with and take courses from outstanding faculty. The Department of Mathematics at CCM is comprised of faculty with backgrounds in pure mathematics, applied mathematics, and statistics with experience in corporate, consulting and public education. Our faculty strive to strengthen the mathematical foundation of all CCM students. The quality of our instructional programs is a top priority. We take pride in the quality and variety of opportunities available to our students. Our small class sizes and individual attention help students develop confidence in their mathematical abilities, become effective critical thinkers, grow academically and become productive members of society.

Career Opportunities

Accountant, Actuary, Cryptographer, Data Analyst, Economist, Financial Analyst, Financial Planner, Investment Analyst, Market Research Analyst, Mathematician, Operations research analyst, Statistician, Teacher (K-12, Higher Education)