CCM’s Paramedic Science Program utilizes a selective admissions process for the Professional Phase of the program. Selected students are conditionally accepted pending drug screening, health clearance, and criminal background clearance. Students must also provide a current driver’s abstract upon conditional acceptance.

Only the specific courses listed in the ranking area will be used in the A.A.S. Paramedic Science Program Admissions Ranking System. Priority seating will be given to students completing all general education requirements at County College of Morris after being competitively ranked. Students are not eligible for selective admissions ranking if the grade point average (GPA) in the prerequisite coursework is less than 2.5.

Only applications that have been received in their entirety by the application deadline will be considered for ranking. Eligible applicants who are not selected as part of the initial admitted group will be placed on a secondary list of eligible applicants. If a seat becomes available, the next student ranked will be offered the vacancy. Should seats remain available after the selective admissions process, late applications will be processed. Incomplete applications will not be processed.

All non-admitted students must reapply. Applications will not be held.

Official transcripts must be submitted to the Admissions and Records Office prior to Paramedic Science Program application submission. Students are encouraged to submit transcripts as soon as possible, as processing times may vary. Completed courses will not be considered until transfer credits have been articulated.


To be eligible for ranking, students must:

1. Complete the College application process, including submission of transcripts from other colleges attended
2. Demonstrate college-level competency in English and math by completion or waiver of developmental courses
3. Complete required prerequisites
4. Hold and maintain current NJ EMT and AHA BLS Healthcare Provider (CPR) certifications and valid driver’s license
5. Be a minimum of 18 years of age by the first day of Paramedic Science I (PAR 120)

Ranking System

The Paramedic Science Program utilizes a two-step ranking system:

1. Applicants will be ranked utilizing general education coursework grades, overall GPA, and Paramedic Entrance Exam score. Only qualifying applicants will move to the second step.
2. Paramedic Science Program Selection Process

Step One

1. Paramedic Entrance Exam: The entrance exam will be administered on a given date(s) with no make-up date(s) and will consist of written and psychomotor components. The FISDAP Paramedic Entrance Exam will be utilized for the written component. The exam is comprised of two sections: a cognitive test consisting of anatomy and physiology, math, reading comprehension, and EMT, and an affective domain assessment. The psychomotor component will consist of a patient care scenario based on NREMT BLS standards to measure the applicant’s ability to assess, treat, and identify potential life-threats, while establishing a differential diagnosis. The student will verbally assess and discuss the patient scenario with evaluators.
2. Overall Grade Point Average Calculation
3. Math and Science Course Calculations: Only grades of “C” or higher will be used to calculate score. Incomplete courses will be calculated as “0” and repeated courses will receive a “1” point reduction of each course attempt. Science courses included in this calculation are Anatomy and Physiology I and Anatomy and Physiology II. Math courses included in this calculation are College Algebra or higher.
4. Other Course Calculations: Only grades of “C” or higher will be used to calculate rank. Incomplete courses will be calculated as “0” and repeated courses will receive a “1” point reduction of each course attempt. Courses included in this calculation are English Composition I, English Composition II, General Psychology.
5. Prerequisite Course First Attempt Pass Points: Points are awarded to the Math and Science Course Calculation section for first attempt pass based on the initial final grade. Points are lost for repeating courses even if a grade replacement is used and/or they are repeated at other schools

Step Two

Paramedic Science Program Selection Process—Interview

Once applications have been competitively ranked, top applicants will be invited to participate in the selection process. Received recommendations will be weighted during this process.