What You Will Learn

With a Game Development degree you may find careers which include game programmer, software developer, gameplay programmer, gameplay designer, tools programmer, engine and tools engineer, game tester, QA engineer, playability tester, game designer, level designer, game artist, animator, 3D character artist, environmental artist, skins artist, texture artist, cinematics artist, user interface artist and FX artist.

Why Study at CCM?

Areas of faculty expertise include game design and programming, animation, software design and programming, software applications and simulation design, video editing and production, multimedia design and development, media aesthetics, and user interface and content design. Faculty members practice student-centered instruction, demonstrate empathy for, and provide support to non-traditional students

Career Opportunities

The average salary for a Games Developer is $70,213.
Other jobs available with this degree:
Multimedia Artist/Animator, Video Game Tester, Customer Support Agent in the Gaming Industry