Associate of Applied Science (NRAEF)

What You Will Learn

The Culinary Arts and Science Program (P3425) and the Culinary Arts Certificate (C0420) provide training in culinary skills and knowledge in the diverse opportunities that are currently available in this ever changing and dynamic field.

Why Study Culinary Arts and Science at CCM?

The mission of the Culinary Arts and Science Program at CCM has taken on new meaning in the past years. We have always trained individuals to be successful and energetic leaders in an industry that has become central to the social purpose of a modern community. The skills that are necessary to succeed not only provide a satisfying career but also serve the basic need of the many areas of social justice that can be addressed by the simple act of feeding the hungry.

Career Opportunities

  • Catering services
  • Culinary operations
  • Food science
  • Food styling
  • Kitchen management
  • Pastry making
  • Professional baking
  • Professional cooking

Something for Everyone

Culinary Arts Share Time (CAST)

A share time program designed to fulfill the needs of a student interested in Culinary Arts & Hospitality training and education is run by a partnership between Morris County Vocational School District and CCM. Application is made in the sophomore year and high school juniors and seniors, from Morris County, have the opportunity to take career-focused, college-level courses that offer three possible pathways after graduation for career advancement.

  • Direct entry into the workforce with certifications and credit
  • One-year completion of associate degree at CCM
  • Transfer with advanced standing to a four-year college or university

Culinary Opportunity Program

The program covers fundamental skills in culinary and baking and is intended for students who have the physical and intellectual capacity, as well as the desire, to become a member of the workforce. This 72-hour job preparation program incorporates culinary and baking, Serv-Safe certification, resume preparation and the opportunity to meet potential employers.

Where You Can Go

Transfer opportunities are available for students aspiring to achieve an advanced degree in hospitality management or other studies. Upon completion of the associate degree, students may transfer to a four-year institution to further their education. Academic advisors are available to discuss articulations and transfer opportunities:
The following scholarships are available:

  • FDU Scholarship
  • John and Mary Linda Scholarship
  • Michael Marino, Sr. Scholarship
  • NJSCPA Hospitality Scholarship
  • NRAEF ManageFirst Program Scholarship

Contact Info

Professor Mark Cosgrove
Chairperson, Hospitality
Management and Culinary Arts