What You Will Learn

Whether graduates wish to start their own photography business as a commercial photographer, transfer to a senior college or work as an artist, the Photography Technology Program at County College of Morris (CCM) provides graduates with skills that fit their personal ambition and career goals.

Why Study at CCM?

The internationally recognized faculty at CCM has its finger on the pulse of the contemporary photography and image-making trends. Whether you are interested in commercial or art image making, we are committed to meeting you where your career goals are. Photography students have access to outstanding facilities: Mac-based digital imaging labs for still and moving images, Virtual Reality lab, traditional wet-lab darkroom, and lighting studio. Students have access to a wide range of equipment: from professional 360 video cameras to traditional large-format film cameras and lighting equipment.

Career Opportunities

Photographer, Cinematographer, Studio manager, Re-toucher, Photojournalist, Portrait photographer