Academic Advisement At CCM

Degree-Seeking Students (Matriculated)

Students pursuing a degree and/or certificate are assigned to Faculty Advisor/s (from their Academic Majors/Disciplines). In addition, first year students are assigned to a Student Success Specialist (SSS) from The Academic Success Center (TASC). All advisors are working remotely to assist students with their academic advisement questions and needs.

                                     You are encouraged to communicate often with your team of advisors!

  • To find the name/s of your Faculty Advisor/s, click on the  “Who is My Advisor” link.
  • Your Faculty Advisor/s (and SSSs, for first year students) will also be posted on your Student Planning link.  Click on the        ‘plan and schedule’ box, then on the advising tab.
  • You can write a note to your advisor/s for any questions or concerns you may have – be sure to click on ‘save note’ and       ‘request review’ to send a message to your Faculty Advisor/s.
  • Please note that many degrees and certificates will have a ‘department advisor’ listed.  Rest assured that your note will          be delivered to all the full time Faculty Advisors associated with your major/certificate.

Once you have met the college’s admission requirements and submitted all the necessary documentation, you will receive notification to your “home/personal” email (the email on your admissions application) on how to make an appointment for NSAR (NEW STUDENT ADVISEMENT AND REGISTRATION). Visit our TASC website to attend a Virtual New Student Advisement and Registration.

Non-Degree-Seeking Students (Non-Matriculated/Visiting)

If you are in need of academic advisement, you are assigned to work with a member of the Counseling staff in the Office of Counseling Services and Student Success. You may email the office at or call 973-328-5140 to connect with a Counselor.

       If you are Visiting or Non-Matriculated student (not seeking a degree/certificate), you are assigned to a Counselor in         the Office of Counseling and Student Success should you need academic advisement.

Once your application has been submitted and processed, you will receive notification to your “home/personal” email (the email on your admissions application) that you are eligible for registration.

If you have a question that needs answering right away – send an email to Jill Wells, Coordinator of Academic Advisement and Student Success for an immediate response