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If you are just taking classes and not pursuing a degree at CCM, you are considered a non-matriculated student.  If you are enrolled in a degree or certificate program at CCM, you are considered a matriculated student.  Click here for more information about matriculating.

CCM does not offer an undeclared program of study. If your interests are more general, you may want to choose the Humanities and Social Sciences/Liberal Arts major. If you have an interest in Mathematics, Science or Business, there are specific degrees in those fields as well. A counselor in the Office of Counseling and Student Success can help you find an educational path that might be best suited for your abilities as they relate to your interests.  Click here for more information about selecting a major.

You will receive an email from the Coordinator of Academic Advisement and Student Success directing you to the Advisement website for the names of your academic advisors. First year students have also been assigned to a Student Success Specialist in The Academic Success Center. Your Student Success Specialist and/or your faculty advisors names will be posted on the Advisement tab in your Student Planning account on Titans Direct. Unless you change your major, you will remain with the same academic advisors throughout your CCM career.  Click here for a list of advisors.

Faculty are the primary providers of academic advisement on campus.  If you are pursuing a degree or certificate, you will be assigned to one or more advisors within the department of the major that you have selected.  If you are not pursing a degree, you will first be advised by the counselors in the Counseling Office for advisement.  Click here for a list of academic advisors.

In most cases, you will be assigned to a group of academic advisors.  This gives you the option of working with one or more advisors each semester.  It also allows you to switch around and meet with a different advisor before each registration session.  We suggest that if you meet with your advisor and you do not connect well, use another advisor in that same department (your advisor assignment letter will give you these choices).  If you are assigned to work with only one individual advisor, speak to the Department Chairperson or School Dean for suggestions.

You should meet with your advisors each semester before you register and any other time during the school year when you have a question, concern or comment related to your college experience.  You may call, email or schedule a virtual visit with your advisor during office hours. Remember to be proactive and make the effort to meet with your advisor on a regular basis.

A curriculum checksheet is a document containing all the courses that are required to complete a degree or certificate at CCM.  CCM offers more than 75 majors – all of which have their own specially designated curriculum checksheet.  Each year, curriculum checksheets are revised, therefore it is important that you follow the checksheet of the year you first began at CCM.  For more information, visit the Curriculum Checksheets page.

If you are a non-matriculated student, you are assigned to work with a counselor in the Office of Counseling and Student Success; you may email them at  Make sure that our computer system has you designated as “non-matriculated.”  In many cases, students think they do not have a specified major, when in reality they do.  If this is the case, all questions should be directed to your assigned academic advisor, not to someone in the Counseling Office.  Click here for a list of academic advisors.

If you are a matriculated student, changing from one major to another, you need to fill out a “change of major” form.  This form is available on the Office of Records and Registration portion of the website under the downloadable forms area. After you complete the form, return it to for processing.

If you are a non-matriculated student and want to declare a major (pursue a degree), you must complete an “Application to Matriculate” available in the Office of Records and Registration located in the Student Center.

Visit Academic Advisement and click on Who Is My Academic Advisor on the CCM website or call us at 973-328-5168.

All faculty post their office hours outside their offices within the first couple of weeks of school.  You can also go onto the CCM website using the link below to view a list of faculty and their office hours.   Click here for the CCM directory.

Pay close attention to emails, social media postings, and information on the CCM website that advertise upcoming registration dates. All students need to see their advisors to stay on track with their educational plan.  Visit our Records and Registration page here.

There are certain academic advisors who have on-line office hours and others who may be able to provide academic advisement over the phone.  These arrangements are at the discretion of your academic advisors.  After you are advised, you may register from your home computer using our automated systems.

Complete instructions for registering using Titans Direct/Student Planning are available from the Office of Records and Registration.  Visit our Records and Registration page here.

It is recommended to see your academic advisors on a regular basis to remain on track with your educational plan.  Click here for a list of academic advisors.