Meet The Staff

Apprenticeship Development and Coordination Specialist

Yvette Andrade brings over three years’ experience working in higher education and over five years’ experience working in social services. She is kind, compassionate, and ready to help prospective students start their career in Advanced Manufacturing through our Boot Camp program. Yvette is a great asset to our CareerAdvance USA team due to her experience working with a wide range of student populations, engagement with community services, familiarity with manufacturing companies and fluency in Spanish.

CareerAdvance USA Program Manager

Amber Pantiliano is the impassioned and ambitious Program Manager for the CareerAdvance USA grant. She has a 10+ year background in higher education leadership and brings nearly 5 years of experience working on grants. She is a student-centered advocate that wants to help get as many people as possible into a better and more secure job. She is a great addition to the team due to her guidance and organizational skills.

Coordinator of the Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering Center

Anthony Horbert is our advanced manufacturing instructor, he is diligent, dynamic and focused. He comes to us with 10+ years in advanced manufacturing. During his time in manufacturing he has held many different types of positions, from prototyping and research and development, to CAD drafter and engineering tech. He will use his knowledge of manufacturing and industry experience to create a unique and engaging environment for his students.

Coord. Adv. Manufac. Lab Assistant II

Sergio Jiménez is a true tribute to the success of the program. Beginning as a student himself, Sergio immediately took an interest to manufacturing and soon advanced to be a leader in the classroom as the CareerAdvance USA Lab Assistant. Sergio is a testament to the career building programs the school has to offer.

CareerAdvance USA Data Specialist

Bret Babich is a dedicated, detail oriented, and innovated addition to the Career USA team. His background consists of over ten years in specialized research and data management in both the public and private sectors. Bret is committed to the students and programs success by ensuring all the relative data is appropriately recorded and submitted in order to have the program be as efficient as possible. He is a great addition to the team because of his database building and problem resolution skills.